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Brooke Wade

Watercolor and Mixed-Media Artist

A watercolor and mixed-media artist born and raised in middle Tennessee, Brooke graduated with a B.L.A. from Middle Tennessee State University in 2006.  


Her work is heavily influenced by a deep spiritual passion for nature and often features a range of bold, vibrant colors illustrating the weird and whimsical. 

For as long as she can remember, art has been in her soul. As a child, she was quiet and fiercely shy, but drawing, painting, and sculpting gave her a voice. Now, she wishes to share her voice, and the voices of those who cannot speak for themselves, with the world.

In addition to watercolor pieces, works featuring ethically sourced animal bones are occasionally available.  Being a fierce lover nature, the featured pieces were found and never harmed by the artist.  By creating beautiful, macabre pieces utilizing remains, she strives to honor each individual animal's spirit.

With creativity flowing through her blood, it was a natural evolution within her growth as an artist to have a passion for fashion.  Specializing in hunting and picking vintage clothing, Brooke dyes, lightens, and hand-paints a range of clothing offering one-of-a-kind, unique threads.

Lastly, she discovered a healthy coping mechanism for her own challenges with ADHD has been to create her own crochet patterns and plushes.  While this may not be as fancy and thought provoking as her fine art pieces, she thoroughly enjoys making creepy little creatures and seeing the smiles they bring to others' faces.  


Upcoming Exhibitions and Shows

AUG 4-6, 2023 

SEPT 7-10, 2023

Georgia Pop and Horror Convention

Tidewater Horror Convention

Columbus, GA

Virginia Beach, VA

OCT 20-22, 2023


Lexington, KY

AUG 18-20, 2023

SEPT 23-24, 2023

Living Arts Exposition

Pensacola Mind, Body, Spirit, Psychic, and Paranormal Exposition

Knoxville, TN

Pensacola, FL

OCT 27-29, 2023

Music City Convention

Lebanon, TN

AUG 25-27, 2023

OCT 6-8, 2023

Creepy Con

Knoxville, TN

Tidewater Horror Convention

Ocala, FL

NOV 17-19, 2023

Days of the Dead

Chicago, IL

SEPT 1-3, 2023


Orlando, FL

OCT 13-15, 2023

Nightmare Weekend

Richmond, VA

NOV 24-26, 2023

SouthEast Punk Flea Market

Greenville, SC

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